Friday, November 21, 2008


So I worked one day for a waterfall repelling tour. the deal is that I photograph the people and then after the tour they can choose if they want to purchase a cd of images of themselves. then I give a percentage of the profits to the tour company. It is slow here right now so there are not too many tours but hopefully it will pick up in the next month. during high season.

This is my new office!! it takes about 45minutes to drive out there. I get a ride from the owner but when he drives it takes like an hour and 15 minutes cause he stops along the way in these tiny villages to talk to people!! the only downfall is that the mosquitoes here seem to love me. I came back with at least 15 bites itchy, itchy, itchy.
In order to get some good shots I have to be hooked up to a cable and stand on a little ledge. I wish I could get out a little further but it isn't an option. good thing Im not afraid of heights!!
They are expanding their tour to this waterfall which is much bigger!! and adding a canopy/zip lining tour to it also. Olman (the owner) says I have to practice my repelling so that I can shoot this waterfall.

Below are a few images that I shot of people repelling.

This is a tree iguana that I spotted before working. he blends in quite well.
So that is all I got for now.... Just have been doing pilates classes that are beating me up still... and tomorrow Im going to photograph some food shots for Joe and Jule's restaurant, that they will be using for the web. super excited to do that. tonight I might actually go out to a bar called bambu jam, where they play live salsa music. Adios

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