Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Hola! Welcome to my pura vida blog! Pura Vida is a saying here in costa rica that everyone uses, it means pure life, or the good life.

I will try and post a blog whenever I get a chance. However, the internet here is really slow so everything computer-wise takes FOREVER!!! You will all have to be patient with me.

Let get everything up to speed….. I left chi-town at 5:30am on Monday 11-10-08, the flight went smoothly and the sunrise leaving chi-town was beautiful. The clouds were a purple-grey. When I got into San Jose (costa rica’s capital) a family friend picked me up and we ran errands all day. I spent the night in San Jose and the next morning traveled to Quepos/Manuel Antonio.

2nd Day

The drive was three hours, but absolutely stunning! We drove up and down mountains and along the pacific cost. There were coffee fields all over the place. I don’t want to say fields cause the coffee plant grows along the side of the mountain.

Right before entering Quepos there are tons of palm trees…rows and rows of them. It was a palm oil plantation. Once in Manuel Antonio, the rest of the day was spent getting settle into joe and jules home (family friends). I was greeted by a white faced monkey upon my arrival to their home. He was a bit shy and ran away before I could take a picture of him. I will be staying with joe and jules until I find an apartment.

It is still the rainy season here so the weather is a beautiful/hot 85 degrees and by three in the afternoon it starts to rain a little and continues on and off through the rest of the night. The air here is humid but is sooo clean and refreshing.

3rd Day

Well, this pretty much brings us up to date. Today I got up at 6:30am and started my day. Jules and I woke up to a cockroach in the sink!! Not sure how it got there, but it isn’t the nasty type we have at home, it reminded me of the cockroach from wall-e. I the went in town to Quepos for breakfast. My meal was delicious!! It consisted of pico de gayo (rice and beans) scrambled egg with a tortilla and tamorine juice to drink. It was a whapping $2, quite a steal compared to the expensive taxi ride into town (still working out how the public bus works). After breakfast I took a walk to where the best place to see sunsets in quepos is. It used to be a disco and is now being converted into a park. When I got there, there were painted cow sculptures, just like the ones we had in chi-town. After getting sunburnt on my back a little it was back to Manuel Antonio before it started to rain. And that brings you up to speed. Tomorrow Im going to look at some different apartments and cross my fingers that I find one and it is reasonably priced!