Friday, November 21, 2008


So I worked one day for a waterfall repelling tour. the deal is that I photograph the people and then after the tour they can choose if they want to purchase a cd of images of themselves. then I give a percentage of the profits to the tour company. It is slow here right now so there are not too many tours but hopefully it will pick up in the next month. during high season.

This is my new office!! it takes about 45minutes to drive out there. I get a ride from the owner but when he drives it takes like an hour and 15 minutes cause he stops along the way in these tiny villages to talk to people!! the only downfall is that the mosquitoes here seem to love me. I came back with at least 15 bites itchy, itchy, itchy.
In order to get some good shots I have to be hooked up to a cable and stand on a little ledge. I wish I could get out a little further but it isn't an option. good thing Im not afraid of heights!!
They are expanding their tour to this waterfall which is much bigger!! and adding a canopy/zip lining tour to it also. Olman (the owner) says I have to practice my repelling so that I can shoot this waterfall.

Below are a few images that I shot of people repelling.

This is a tree iguana that I spotted before working. he blends in quite well.
So that is all I got for now.... Just have been doing pilates classes that are beating me up still... and tomorrow Im going to photograph some food shots for Joe and Jule's restaurant, that they will be using for the web. super excited to do that. tonight I might actually go out to a bar called bambu jam, where they play live salsa music. Adios

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Okay so where did I last leave off……. Jaco was very interesting, it reminded me of California. It is suppose to be the best spot in costa rica it is defiantly a surfers town can’t walk down the block without seeing someone carrying a surfboard. It is also the land of high-rise condos. You don’t see many tall, tall, buildings here, but there is a ton of new construction there. We ate at the Marriott hotel which has a huge marina filled with boats. Condos there go for at least a million. crazy. On the drive back we pulled over cause there was an almond tree filled with macaws. It must be mating season cause they were in pairs and doing a dance type thing. It was really cool to watch them flying around and squawking.
The weekend wasn’t too eventful. Saturday took pictures of monkeys, they are really difficult to photograph. The little buggers manage to hid just out of sight or go in and out of shade to the sun so changing the exposure and focusing on them is a pain in the butt.
Above image is of a squirl monkey, its my favorite monkey and is about the size of two of your hands put together. they are endangered.
the monkeys came right up to the window and were pounding on it and licking it. It was hilarious!! I have a video of it but im not sure if my connection will let me upload it

Suday was a day spent at the beach. There were many tico (costa Rican) families playing soccer on the beach, and plenty of surfers/boogie boarders the waves were enormous. I met a wonderful family whose little girls are darling, lili is 4 and mia is 1. It is sad that lili’s english (her second language) is better than my Spanish, ha ha!! The day ended with a bbq at their home and a relaxing rainy night. I can’t believe that I have been here for a week. Time really is going by fast. Mia playing in the sand This is the beach that I walk in the morning although it continues behind
me and the rock is covering the rest of it.

The other night I met up with my friend that was doing a little photoshoot for his roommate’s clothing line for her boutique, it is very bohemian looking but cute cloths. Everyone there was a local and the models were beautiful! I was trying to figure what everyone was saying in Spanish but they talk sooooo fast that I could only catch less than half of it. Need to work on my Spanish that is for sure. I then went and had a imperial and piece of pizza with my friend at a local restaurant, where they serve the coldest beers in town. My pizza had ham and hamburger meat on it!! Coming from the city of pizza it was not what one would think pizza is! My friend and fellow photographer Kevin who was just published as one of costa ricas best photographers!! congrats Kevin

This morning I was awoken at around 3am by and earthquake!!! It was a 6.2, not too big but a enough to make the whole house was shake, I could even feel my innards shaking too, it was wild. My first earthquake experience, in Costa Rica. Im going to eat breakfast right now and then off to a waterfall repelling tour that Im going to shoot and if the guy likes it then I might get some more work from him. Exciting.
Im sorry that this blog has taken so long to post and the lack of quality of the images!! The internet here is driving my crazy and won’t let me upload images, then quits on me!!! So frustrating.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Images of a few of the cows at the park form the other days walk.

The last few days have been really hot but beautiful. on Thursday I was awaken my Joe at 5am to the moon setting in the bay. was really early but totally worth it. (Tom you will appreciate this photo!) I then went for the morning walk on the beach I have figured that it has to be around a 3mile walk It is interesting to see the different people walking on the beach. everyone is so friendly and says hi. afterwards I refueled with a homemade papaya, banana, oj smoothie. yum, yum. after breakfast I meet a little friend who fascinated me and I just had to take a photo of him/her
(My little friend, who was the size of a half dollar and was a beautiful orange color, this image doesn't do any justice.) after photographing my buddy I continued the day looking for apartments and found a few prospective places. actually both are owned by italians, kinda funny. Im still on the hunt though. Im trying to find a place between Quepos and Manuel Antonio where it is a bit more lush with wildlife and vegetation. I saw a family of howler monkeys. man they have a loud voice for their size. there were lots of babies, I think in total there had to be at least 25 monkeys.

On Friday I really beat myself up!! first a beach walk at 6:30am and then right after took a pilates class with jules it only cost $6 not a bad price for an hour class. then walked up and down a big, big hill. I am feeling every muscle in my body today. I then met up with a friend for lunch in town. and went to the supermarket and fruit market.
afterwards I saw the illusive and endangered squirl monkey and a three toed sloth with its baby. oh course I didn't have my camera on me.....figures. That is about all to report for the time being. Today I will be traveling to jaco which is about an hour north along the cost, to run errands with the family friends and then maybe tonight go to the new disco at the beach.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Hola! Welcome to my pura vida blog! Pura Vida is a saying here in costa rica that everyone uses, it means pure life, or the good life.

I will try and post a blog whenever I get a chance. However, the internet here is really slow so everything computer-wise takes FOREVER!!! You will all have to be patient with me.

Let get everything up to speed….. I left chi-town at 5:30am on Monday 11-10-08, the flight went smoothly and the sunrise leaving chi-town was beautiful. The clouds were a purple-grey. When I got into San Jose (costa rica’s capital) a family friend picked me up and we ran errands all day. I spent the night in San Jose and the next morning traveled to Quepos/Manuel Antonio.

2nd Day

The drive was three hours, but absolutely stunning! We drove up and down mountains and along the pacific cost. There were coffee fields all over the place. I don’t want to say fields cause the coffee plant grows along the side of the mountain.

Right before entering Quepos there are tons of palm trees…rows and rows of them. It was a palm oil plantation. Once in Manuel Antonio, the rest of the day was spent getting settle into joe and jules home (family friends). I was greeted by a white faced monkey upon my arrival to their home. He was a bit shy and ran away before I could take a picture of him. I will be staying with joe and jules until I find an apartment.

It is still the rainy season here so the weather is a beautiful/hot 85 degrees and by three in the afternoon it starts to rain a little and continues on and off through the rest of the night. The air here is humid but is sooo clean and refreshing.

3rd Day

Well, this pretty much brings us up to date. Today I got up at 6:30am and started my day. Jules and I woke up to a cockroach in the sink!! Not sure how it got there, but it isn’t the nasty type we have at home, it reminded me of the cockroach from wall-e. I the went in town to Quepos for breakfast. My meal was delicious!! It consisted of pico de gayo (rice and beans) scrambled egg with a tortilla and tamorine juice to drink. It was a whapping $2, quite a steal compared to the expensive taxi ride into town (still working out how the public bus works). After breakfast I took a walk to where the best place to see sunsets in quepos is. It used to be a disco and is now being converted into a park. When I got there, there were painted cow sculptures, just like the ones we had in chi-town. After getting sunburnt on my back a little it was back to Manuel Antonio before it started to rain. And that brings you up to speed. Tomorrow Im going to look at some different apartments and cross my fingers that I find one and it is reasonably priced!