Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Okay so where did I last leave off……. Jaco was very interesting, it reminded me of California. It is suppose to be the best spot in costa rica it is defiantly a surfers town can’t walk down the block without seeing someone carrying a surfboard. It is also the land of high-rise condos. You don’t see many tall, tall, buildings here, but there is a ton of new construction there. We ate at the Marriott hotel which has a huge marina filled with boats. Condos there go for at least a million. crazy. On the drive back we pulled over cause there was an almond tree filled with macaws. It must be mating season cause they were in pairs and doing a dance type thing. It was really cool to watch them flying around and squawking.
The weekend wasn’t too eventful. Saturday took pictures of monkeys, they are really difficult to photograph. The little buggers manage to hid just out of sight or go in and out of shade to the sun so changing the exposure and focusing on them is a pain in the butt.
Above image is of a squirl monkey, its my favorite monkey and is about the size of two of your hands put together. they are endangered.
the monkeys came right up to the window and were pounding on it and licking it. It was hilarious!! I have a video of it but im not sure if my connection will let me upload it

Suday was a day spent at the beach. There were many tico (costa Rican) families playing soccer on the beach, and plenty of surfers/boogie boarders the waves were enormous. I met a wonderful family whose little girls are darling, lili is 4 and mia is 1. It is sad that lili’s english (her second language) is better than my Spanish, ha ha!! The day ended with a bbq at their home and a relaxing rainy night. I can’t believe that I have been here for a week. Time really is going by fast. Mia playing in the sand This is the beach that I walk in the morning although it continues behind
me and the rock is covering the rest of it.

The other night I met up with my friend that was doing a little photoshoot for his roommate’s clothing line for her boutique, it is very bohemian looking but cute cloths. Everyone there was a local and the models were beautiful! I was trying to figure what everyone was saying in Spanish but they talk sooooo fast that I could only catch less than half of it. Need to work on my Spanish that is for sure. I then went and had a imperial and piece of pizza with my friend at a local restaurant, where they serve the coldest beers in town. My pizza had ham and hamburger meat on it!! Coming from the city of pizza it was not what one would think pizza is! My friend and fellow photographer Kevin who was just published as one of costa ricas best photographers!! congrats Kevin

This morning I was awoken at around 3am by and earthquake!!! It was a 6.2, not too big but a enough to make the whole house was shake, I could even feel my innards shaking too, it was wild. My first earthquake experience, in Costa Rica. Im going to eat breakfast right now and then off to a waterfall repelling tour that Im going to shoot and if the guy likes it then I might get some more work from him. Exciting.
Im sorry that this blog has taken so long to post and the lack of quality of the images!! The internet here is driving my crazy and won’t let me upload images, then quits on me!!! So frustrating.

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