Saturday, November 15, 2008


Images of a few of the cows at the park form the other days walk.

The last few days have been really hot but beautiful. on Thursday I was awaken my Joe at 5am to the moon setting in the bay. was really early but totally worth it. (Tom you will appreciate this photo!) I then went for the morning walk on the beach I have figured that it has to be around a 3mile walk It is interesting to see the different people walking on the beach. everyone is so friendly and says hi. afterwards I refueled with a homemade papaya, banana, oj smoothie. yum, yum. after breakfast I meet a little friend who fascinated me and I just had to take a photo of him/her
(My little friend, who was the size of a half dollar and was a beautiful orange color, this image doesn't do any justice.) after photographing my buddy I continued the day looking for apartments and found a few prospective places. actually both are owned by italians, kinda funny. Im still on the hunt though. Im trying to find a place between Quepos and Manuel Antonio where it is a bit more lush with wildlife and vegetation. I saw a family of howler monkeys. man they have a loud voice for their size. there were lots of babies, I think in total there had to be at least 25 monkeys.

On Friday I really beat myself up!! first a beach walk at 6:30am and then right after took a pilates class with jules it only cost $6 not a bad price for an hour class. then walked up and down a big, big hill. I am feeling every muscle in my body today. I then met up with a friend for lunch in town. and went to the supermarket and fruit market.
afterwards I saw the illusive and endangered squirl monkey and a three toed sloth with its baby. oh course I didn't have my camera on me.....figures. That is about all to report for the time being. Today I will be traveling to jaco which is about an hour north along the cost, to run errands with the family friends and then maybe tonight go to the new disco at the beach.

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Maggie DeRolf said...

yay! I love your blogs & am so happy that you're posting them! I'm going to subscribe to it so that I get updated when you post. I'm glad to see you're having a great time in Costa Rica and am so happy for you. You're going to experience so much fantastic personal growth while you're there. Things in chi-town are pretty cold. It was in the twenties this morning! Our apartment is so awesome & you'll have to visit when you're back in town. See you later lady!