Thursday, December 4, 2008

Family Blog

This Blog is dedicated to my family and all our cheesy photos

I have to begin by apologizing for not updating my blog in awhile. My family has been in town for the last week and a half. They have had my full attention and my blog has been neglected. Let see to update everyone with what’s happening in my life at the moment…….apartment situation will hopefully be solved this weekend, will post the photos when a decision is finally made. Oh most importantly I’m going to go looking at scooters and motorcycles this weekend to get an idea what is out there. I have had a few friends/acquaintances on the look out for anything that is used, still no word on that. If not successful it is back to the extremely s-l-o-w bus and expensive taxis (when its raining).

Speaking of weather, I hear that chi-town is expecting some bad weather, here it is really warm but has been raining A LOT. But I can’t complain because I love the rain here. It isn’t like at home….. it is warm and extremely clean. Today after going to the grocery store it was raining and it is so humid that there was a foggy haze. I walked through this amazing mist that seemed so surreal. I wasn’t sure if it was a dream or not, it was wonderful.

My folks just left yesterday, I hope that they had fun. It was really good to see and spend time with them. Below is the stereotypical cheesy family photos (dedicated to my family) I had a great time with them. Will make another blog this weekend! Adios mi amigos.

Sean at makanda's private beach it is a tiring hike but was fun to do it with my brother!!

My mother at the beach shopping, little does she know that the tico to the right is a male prostitute when he isn't selling things at the beach!!

Marlin's a pretty good resturant at the beach. my mom ordered fresh water shrimp and didn't realize that they come with the head and all, needless to say my dad ended up trading plates with her. it was funny to see her get a little grossed out.

The fam with Joe and Jules at the beach

Our beautiful turkey day flower arrangement that was sent by Alexander (an older British guy that always sas "My Word") he owns a flower farm, and has a mustache and carries a pipe with him everywhere!! I love it :)

Kevin teaching Sean how to surf. the surf was ridiculously big that day and the undertow was so strong! But sean and I got up.

Proof that my mom actually did go ziplining!! I couldn't believe that she actually did it and loved it.

my dad looking very pro!


Maggie DeRolf said...

that is such a cute picture of your dad and you!

joan yunker said...

forget the scooter by a car Kevin King will like the car ride better,
by the way I saw that guy at the bar
the night before te hee