Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Well no major updates really..... I have not had a chance to go look at scooters yet, things keep coming up and I haven't been able to. nothing else is really happening, lets see....this past weekend I went to the beach disco in manuel antonio by myself I ended up running into a couple of people that I know, it was fun. The last time I was at that disco, there were girls walking around in lingerie and thongs on top of tables. It was if it were a regular thing, a bit of a culture shock for me!! oh and there is a car that drives around with loudspeakers on the top of it making announcements about what is going on with the community. my friend, who is fluent in spanish, translated it for me....it said "the disco in quepos was having an anniversary celebration and there will be a fashion show, with dancing cucumbers" which basically means guys walking around in tight undies. I though that was hilarious!!! just a little more of a culture shock. No other funny or super exciting things at the moment but I will keep everyone posted. below are some photos that I came across that I forgot to post. This is miguel one of the guides I work with he lives in the little village of 72 people. he is being a little show off in the photo above. the photo below is him as well

Above is Eric he is a complete jokester. constantly making a joke
these are some of the local kids that like to play on the extremely HIGH bridge that is made of ladders screwed together. and below is brian, he spent the day hiding around different corners trying to scare me or just would give me a big smile, I shared my lunch with him, although in this photo he looks really lethargic.

OOOHHH this is the alergic reaction I have to the stupid mosquito bites, yes what looks like turkey legs are my actual legs. but It looks like giant mosquitoes from Jurassic park bit me!!
I made myself homemade banana pancakes, I had to take a photo. My dad would be proud that I waited for the pan to get to the perfect temp and they turned a awesome golden brown color. they were soooo yummy!
Last but not least, this is marley sleeping. Joe and Jules were out of town and I was dog/house sitting. I looked over and saw marley sleeping like this, and later he was sprawled out on his back with his front legs like a bunny, he must have been dreaming because his back legs were going crazy(as if he was running) and his nose was going crazy. I laughed so hard I started to cry, I wish I got a video of it!!

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