Wednesday, January 21, 2009

OKAY, so I haven't updated in a week, there is so much to say , however this blog is going to be short and sweet. On my birthday I spent it with friends and fam. we had a wonderful BBQ that included yummy food. It was such a perfect birthday I couldn't ask for more. below is a photo of friends lounging on the beach after a swim and surf in the ocean.
this photo is of my birthday presents, on the left is a pair of shoes I bought for myself for dancing (notice how they are not heels, that is because then I would tower over any potential dance partner here) and to the right is the best key lime pie in the world made for me by jill.
this is a photo of the mango guys cart on the beach. he sells tasty sliced mangos with a small bag of sugar you can poor on them. he also does these mock snow cones, however puts sweetened condensed milk on top of it, still have yet to try it. Im just waiting for that super hot day.
the Island off shore is one of many that me and my kayaking partner, todd, have gone out to explore. It is the highlight on my days off, since there is no surf to learn surfing on at the moment. Below Im exploring with my kayaking partner in crime.

this is my new pose that I have to make every time I take a self portrait (those of you that know me, know how little I like photos of myself) however, I do this pose in order to fit in with the locals. every time you lift a camera to take a photo of a tica they turn to the side and stick out their butts as far as they can. I think it may be a latin culture thing.
above is a cave that we found at low tide on one of the Islands, the photos that follow are of the cave (It hasn't been named yet, still coming up with it)
These barnacles were the biggest barnacles that I have ever seen in my life!! the Island is crawling with crabs. not to mention the boobie birds nest here so it is awesome to see them and their young (photos to come.)

this is part of the cave. The colors were crazy and really a work of art!! the photo below is in the cave too. Im not sure exactly what it is, possibly a micro organism, it almost had the texture of coral when you went close to it. the Aqua blue colors were surreal and looked like the walls were ooozing.
so this photo is the yellow snow that we have here at the moment....NOT like the yellow snow at home! they are tiny little flowers that cover the forest floor.

So these are a series of photos from a fashion show that I helped to photograph, in quepos. I was not too sure what I was in for, although the designer margerie is a very talented friend who owns her own boutique, I was presently surprised with how well it all turned out.

this is margerie fixing one of the models hair. part of the fashion show was based on using recyclable materials and I believe that the model in the body paint was representing some sort of mother nature (don't quote me on that though)

THE END......i will post again soon, but that pretty much brings everything up to speed....sort of

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Maggie DeRolf said...

You, my friend, are going to be freezing cold when you come home. You better bring more than a bikini. ha ha. You have heard, I'm sure, that we live in the arctic. Permanent snow. Please bring some heat back to Chicago.